Jean-Pierre Heurteau is one of Melbourne’s most celebrated interior designers and owner of famed antique furniture destination Jean-Pierre Heurteau Design. Over the years he has built a flawless reputation for delivering one of a kind pieces sourced from all over the world, as well as his fabulously flamboyant design concepts for members of Melbourne high society. “Client trust comes with age and as my clients get older, beautiful design becomes more attainable.”

At 22, Jean-Pierre had just finished college and begun work as a ‘slave’ at high-end department store Georges on Collins. “I was fascinated by the clientele and all the housewives that came in from the countryside; we would talk jewellery, diamonds and fur. I loved it.”

With an eye for beauty and a mind for business Jean-Pierre spent his spare time collecting bric-a-brac from thrift shops. “I would walk from op-shop to op-shop, collecting pieces and selling them for a profit. The clutter in my room horrified my parents.”

In the years that have followed Jean-Pierre has traveled the globe sourcing the finest antiques to add to his collection, turning what was once a hobby into a thriving antiques business, both collecting and dealing his worldly treasures. “I try to get to Paris two or three times a year and visit the markets. My favourite is Clignancourt flea market but don’t let the name fool you, this is no bargain basement, it’s an antique paradise with acres and acres of glamour for the rich and famous.”

Jean-Pierre also frequents India and gathers great inspiration from nature and animals, which is apparent from the vast array of animal print in many of his clients lavish homes.

Each of his design concepts embellished with his exquisite furniture is both precious and approachable, a rarity in the world of antiques and a great testament to Jean-Pierre’s skill and ability.

A true Icon of Melbourne style the essence of the man is an uncompromising marriage between luxury and liveability. In layman ‘s terms…perfection!

Written by John Clements